One of Europe’s leading producers of rollators, Mobilex A/S, places its first order of the unique fall prevention technology RolloGuardĀ®.

We have closely followed the development of this completely unique product, says Thomas Nygaard Christensen, CEO of Mobilex. Now we want to be the first in the world to launch walkers and rollators with fall prevention from RolloGuardĀ®.

I myself was completely taken when I tried a rollator with this protection. It stopped immediately! he says And we know how important it is for the elderly who use our rollators to experience a security that makes them dare to try live a freer life despite limited mobility.

In our product development, we are constantly working on supporting our Mobilex vision of “a better life in mobility”. Here we see the unique fall prevention solution RolloGuard as a given addition to our wide mobility aid product range. The greatest potential for rollators is initially in Germany where the market for mobility aids are generally more curious about anything that can make life easier for our elderly and disabled.

Thomas Nygaard Christensen
Thomas Nygaard Christensen, CEO Mobilex A/S

Please refer to Mobilex website for more information about the company and their products:

We at RolloGuard are very pleased to have Mobilex as our first customer, especially with their focus on safety, says Patrik Zander, CEO of RolloGuard and Brillianze. We look forward to a very fruitful partnership and a safer life in motion.

Brillianze Sweden AB with the brand RolloGuardĀ® has developed the patented Transversor technology which responds immediately to changes in speed of movement, such as a walker that moves away from the user when they are about to lose balance. The solution will be sold and marketed through their subsidiary RolloGuard AB. For further information about the companies and operations, contact Patrik Zander, CEO on