Instant Fall Prevention

Fits any rollator

Multiple Settings

RolloGuard instant fall protection for rollators and wheeled walkers

The new safety standard for mobility aids

The product creates safer and more dignified home and care environments.

In my opinion, the product is a pioneering invention and a solution to a long-neglected problem. Finally!

Ulrika Lorentzon

Specialist General Practitioner & certified inventor

What is RolloGuard Fall Protection?


The RolloGuard fall protection utilizes the Transversor technology and can be mounted on any rollator and wheeled walker

  • No modification needed

  • Nothing to learn & nothing to remember

  • Protects against accidental movement

  • Patented safety wheel

  • RolloGuard fall protection makes mobility safer

Read more about the Transversor technology

The Transversor

The Transversor leverage Euler force to detect transversal accelerations that occur when the wheel increase its speed. RolloGuard is the first product utilizing the Transversor technology to detect and stop dangerous movement.


A rollator or wheeled walker is a very important medical device to stay mobile and increase overall health. But did you know that hundreds of thousands fall, at least once, every year using a rollator and many with a fatal outcome.

Fall accidents are the number one cause of accidental death for people over 65 (WHO).

They can & should be prevented.

Which level of fall protection do you need?

The RolloGuard fall protection can be configured to match user need.

Settings can be changed from factory or by authorized resellers.

Safety Level


Low protection is preferred if you are an active rollator and walker user, often walking outside in a higher pace and have minor balance problems

Safety Level


Medium protection is preferred if you use your rollator and walker both inside and outside, walk in a slow to normal pace and have moderate balance problems

Safety Level


High protection is preferred if you primarily use your rollator and walker inside, walk in a slow pace and have high balance problems