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The Walking Aid Issue


There is a big gap between the safety walkers provide and the mobility you get from a rollator. This causes slow rehabilitation and increased number of fall accidents.

Walking Aid Gap

“Patients are now walking more upright with less back pain”

“It has given our patients a better quality of life”

“It’s like a psychological slow down brake”

“When we gave it to our patients it just worked”

“It prevents patients from moving too fast”

Close Gap

RolloGuard closes the gap

Our technology brings together safety from a walker with mobility from a rollator and is clinically proven to

  • Reduce fear of falling

  • Speed up rehabilitation

  • Improve quality of life

A Real Innovation

We have invented a technology, a Transversor brake, that reliably can detect very small changes in motion.

The Transversor brake is built into the RolloGuard wheels and will enable the next generation walking aids adapted for the need today and tomorrow.

RolloGuard Wheel

RolloGuard STOP Brake

Instantly stops the rollator or walker and can be activated automatically in case of an emergency or manually when the user needs extra support.

RolloGuard Slow Down Brake

RolloGuard SLOW DOWN Brake

Instantly slows down the rollator or walker and can be activated automatically in case of an emergency or manually when the user needs extra support.

Universal Fit


Designed specifically to fit most rollator and walker models on the market.

Currently the following models are supported


  • RolloGuard Xplorer

  • Mobilex Leopard, Tiger, Buffalo, Panther & Gepard

  • Rehasense Server, Router, Navigator & Athlon

  • Sunrise Medical Gemino 20 & 30

  • RUSSKA Vital

  • Human Care Rebel

  • Rollz Flex

  • Saljol

More models expected late 2022.

Infinite possibilities

Universal Use


Designed together with healthcare to support a wide range of user and patient need.

Chose between HOME or CARE version developed to shorten prescription and learning time.

Through an easy change of a safety plugin, the STOP or SLOW DOWN brake can be adjusted to the individual need today and tomorrow.

Stops or slows down rollator instantly when pushed quickly forwards

Remains in this state until moved slightly backwards

Not interfering with normal use

Our Next Generation Walking Aid Solutions

Slow Down Brake
Xplorer Rollator
Sky Walker

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