Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about RolloGuard.

Can I purchase a rollator with RolloGuard?

Yes! RolloGuard is avaialble for purchase by Mobilex A/S and their resellers in Europe.

We are working closely with other leading producers of rollators to make RolloGuard an approved accessory. They will then be able to offer RolloGuard together with their rollators or as a separate addon. Mounting RolloGuard on your rollator have to be performed by an authorized reseller. 

Send an enquiry to contact(a)rolloguard.com.

Are rollators unsafe?

Yes. Even though rollators are used to rehabilitate people with walking disabilities and keep our elderly healthier, they are quite dangerous.

A typical rollator is equipped with at minimum two mandatory brake systems; a parking brake and a service brake. Both are manually activated and require both strength and quick reaction in order to prevent fall.

The development of rollators over the last decade have mainly been focused on reducing weight and make folding easier. Reducing weight unfortunately makes a rollator more unstable and increases the risk of falling for the ones needing a rollator the most.

Isn't fall protection already available?

No. Even though som producers market certain technology as “fall prevention”, RolloGuard is the only solution that automatically can detect changes in motion and instantly stop the wheel from rotating.

Technology that leverage centrifugal force to activate and apply brake force cannot detect sudden accelerations and have much longer reaction time. Typically that type of technology cannot stop the rollator from moving when somebody loses balance and starts to fall.

We have seen producers market manually activated brakes ass fall prevention. This is not accurate.

What is unique with RolloGuard?

The ability to detect changes in speed and instantly stop the wheel from rotating, and doing so without the use of vulnerable electronics.

RolloGuard is the only current technology leveraging a Transversor. Read more about the Transversor here.

How do I change the protection level?

RolloGuard comes with three different sensitivity settings. Changing these settings can only be done by an authorized reseller or your physiotherapist.

However, changing the settings for authorized people is quite simple. They remove the cover and replace a small module.

Do I have to maintain RolloGuard?

RolloGuard needs to undergo scheduled maintenance in order to detect issues and replace parts that have worn. Only authorized resellers are allowed to perform maintenance. Please refer to the user manual for correct procedures and approved uses of RolloGuard instant fall protection.

Can I try RolloGuard?

Yes. For now, it is however only possible to try out a rollator equipped with RolloGuard at the RolloGuard facilities in Åkarp Sweden. Please reach out to us to get information about the next opportunity to visit us.