Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you will find common questions and answers regarding RolloGuard Instant Fall Prevention.

Where can I purchase RolloGuard products?

RolloGuard products can be purchased directly from RolloGuard and select resellers.

Please reach out to us for general availability and your closest reseller.

Can anyone use RolloGuard?

RolloGuard has been designed to support a broad type of users. With the addition of the SLOW DOWN brake, essentially anyone can use a rollator equipped with the RolloGuard wheel.

Is it easy to change the wheels?

It is very easy to change the wheels on the supported rollator model. You need to follow the assembly manual, use the appropriate tools to perform the change, and it should always be done by a certified person.

Where are the RolloGuard wheels manufactured?

The RolloGuard wheels are manufactured in Sweden.

Are rollators really unsafe?

Yes. Even though rollators are used to rehabilitate people with walking disabilities and keep our elderly healthier, they are quite dangerous.

A typical rollator is equipped with at minimum two mandatory brake systems; a parking brake and a service brake. Both are manually activated and require both strength and quick reaction in order to prevent fall.

The development of rollators over the last decade have mainly been focused on reducing weight and make folding easier. Reducing weight unfortunately makes a rollator more unstable and increases the risk of falling for the ones needing a rollator the most.

Isn't fall protection already available?

No. Even though som producers market certain technology as “fall prevention”, RolloGuard is the only solution that automatically can detect changes in motion and instantly stop the wheel from rotating.

Technology that leverage centrifugal force to activate and apply brake force cannot detect sudden accelerations and have much longer reaction time. Typically that type of technology cannot stop the rollator from moving when somebody loses balance and starts to fall.

We have seen producers market manually activated brakes as fall prevention. This is not accurate.

What is unique with RolloGuard?

The ability to detect changes in speed and instantly stop or slow down the wheel from rotating, and doing so without the use of vulnerable electronics.

RolloGuard is the only current technology leveraging a Transversor. Read more about the Transversor technology here.

How do I change the protection level?

RolloGuard comes with two default settings: HOME and CARE. In addition, finetuning can be done by changing a safety plugin after removing the plugin cover.

Changing the default settings can be done by removing the hub cap. We strongly recommend that only authorized resellers or physiotherapists.

Do I replace all wheels with RolloGuard?

We recommend replacing only the rear wheel with RolloGuard.

It is possible, to also replace the front wheels but then only with the SLOW DOWN brake.

With this setup a rollator can be equipped with STOP brake on the rear wheels, and SLOW DOWN brake on the front wheels.

Do I have to maintain RolloGuard?

RolloGuard needs to undergo scheduled maintenance in order to detect issues and replace parts that have worn. Only authorized resellers are allowed to perform maintenance. Please refer to the user manual for correct procedures and approved uses of RolloGuard instant fall protection.

How do I try RolloGuard?

Reach out to us using the contact form. We will provide details on where and when RolloGuard can be tested.

What happens if the RolloGuard wheel stops working?

In the unlikely event that the RolloGuard wheel stops functioning, two things can happen;

1. The wheel will always brake (most likely scenario)

2. The rollator functions as a normal rollator.

Is RolloGuard CE approved according to MDR?

RolloGuard products are tested and approved in accordance with ISO 11199-2