The journey began already in the late 1980´s when a watchmaker came up with a brilliant idea; a solution for the fishing reel backlash problem. Many prototypes where built but a finished product was never developed, and the idea was shelved.



In 2016 the watchmaker’s son wanted to bring the solution to market and a patent application was filed. Work began to develop fully functional prototypes of what then was called Alphabrake. Contacts were made with large fishing reel manufacturers and the prototypes got really good feedback from avid anglers. Unfortunately, the company ran out of capital and had to halt development.



But in late 2019, after the inventor and watchmaker had fallen several times with his rollator, the idea to build a fall prevention brake came up. The company got a new investment and development began. 18 months later the product named RolloGuard was ready, and the first units were sold. This despite a pandemic and no possibility to meet customers.





Sadly, the inventor passed away during spring of 2021 and never got to see the final product, meet the first customer, or listen to all the happy users.

But isn’t a rollator in itself fall protection? Why would you need fall protection for fall protection? A rollator is a walking aid to help people with walking impairments improve balance and health. In fact, rollator development over the past 30 years have made them even more dangerous primarily due to focus on weight reduction. In Europe alone it is estimated that over 1 000 people die yearly because of rollator fall accidents at a cost of over €5 billion.



RolloGuard uses the Transversor technology to detect and instantly stop dangerous movement, as happens when the rollator suddenly and unintentionally runs away from its user.

RolloGuard sits inside the wheels and can be configured to support any need. You simply set it and forget it. RolloGuard is the ever-present personal physiotherapist. A safe support for those who need it the most. The simple solution than can save lives and bring mobility back.

We’ve had many setbacks over the years, but one thing is clear;

we will never give up.